GIVE Andalusia is an online store that was created with the idea of ??bringing the consumer and put in place that deserves a wide range of articles, which have the common feature being developed in Andalusia.

We offer our customers the possibility to be supplied for home consumption as well as a lot of gifts, greatly appreciated by family or friends who feel linked to Andalusia. We also have special rates for the catering sector.

As for the food it comes to items of excellent quality and, for one reason or another, it is difficult or impossible to find in a standard supermarket: gourmet, organic, traditional and / or natural.

We also have a section devoted to crafts, in order to contribute to maintain the offices and workshops of these artisans, who are increasingly more difficult to find.

As well as a section on details for special moments (weddings, baptisms, communions ...) and another dedicated to cosmetics made in a 100% handmade by a group of women, using as an ingredient essential extra virgin olive oil; with exceptional properties .

From Andalusia Give us not settle for the marketing of these products; but also want to offer the possibility of having and feel closer Andalusia through its customs, its people, its festivals, its gastronomy ... We put at your disposal a blog and other social networking accounts. We would like to be for you what the old neighbourhood stores represent a close and familiar place where you can find Andalusians and handicrafts.

We offer quality products at reasonable prices, due to the direct relationship we have with the craftsman or producer. Avoiding unnecessary intermediaries and storage costs.

Andalusia, by its character, marking anyone who was born, lived or visited at some point on this earth. Its climate, its cuisine and customs make Andalusia unforgettable.